Blank Exhibition

22-25 November 2012. 7th Contemporary Istanbul. Istanbul Convention and Exhibition Centre (ICEC) and Istanbul Congress Center (ICC).

Blank Exhibition is a novel and unique experience of art viewing; it is an exhibition you can enjoy wherever and whenever you like; an exhibition you can carry along in your pocket or your bag. It is an exhibition “to go”; it is an exhibition on the go.

You do not have to go to an art venue to enjoy this exhibition. If you have a smart mobile device (iPhone/iPad or Android phone or tablet), you can take this exhibition and enjoy it wherever you like. All you need to do is to download the free application Layar to your device and then look out for a copy of Kurye Video’s Blank Exhibition papers. When you have the device and the paper together, just open Layar and scan the video stills to watch the videos.

This is the first exhibition in a series of AR events envisioned by Kurye Video to be a long-lasting project that will evolve through time. With this series, Kurye not only tries to tackle the question of how new technologies and our new way of life can alter and transform the ways in which we view art, but also tries to have fun with little contradictions like the one that exists in the act of “printing a video exhibition”.

This exhibition of four videos that presents works by talented Turkish artists Candaş Şişman, Ozan Türkkan, Onur Şentürk and Nohlab is printed as an edition of 5000 copies. And it is made possible with the AR technology support provided by Filika. Starting November 22nd, the exhibition papers distributed first in Contemporary Istanbul and then at various locations throughout the city.

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Ozan Turkkan © 2012