Bipolar Fractal

Digital Video. 04:34. An abstraction in moving images on bipolar states of mind.

Selected for CologneOFF X – 10th Cologne International Videoart Festival 2014, standing under the motto of “Total Art”.

27 November 2013 - 4 January 2014. Açıkekran New Media Arts Gallery, Istanbul.

Alternating episodes between mania and depression, ascending and descending states of experience are processed through geometrical mutations and dynamic movements of Rutt Etra-like synthesized fractal forms and corresponding frequencies of sounds.

Bipolar Fractal works with how abject information and aberrant signals mark destabilizing moments within the same system that it captures or banishes errant expressions.

Video work screened at Cacophony video exhibition curated by Ebru Yetiskin.

Spacial thanks to: Ebru Yetiskin, Aras Bilgin, Melis Boyaci.

Screenshots from the video:

Ozan Turkkan © 2013