Curving Time

Interactive touch screen installation

Interactive touch screen installation consists of one big Hi-Res touch screens. and one mushroom-like red button. Interacting with the screen users can draw colorful curving lines generated by a software. It would work touching the screen or dragging the finger all over the screen. Since its generative software final result will be different each time. And the user starts the action but cant control the generative process Drawings may continue generatively even
the user stop interacting with the screen.
Pushing the red button, will reset the software and delete the all drawings remaining the screens in black as ii was in the beginning Ready to new interactions.

Time is change, everything moves nothing remains still. While we control things in our experiences always some parts remains out of our control. And chaos and order working together constantly creating new forms while destroying the others. And in time with our experiences we learn that nothing lasts forever.


Using the software also limited edition 4 digital prints are created. So they are unique creations and can not be repeated.

Each of them are Digital C-types real photographic prints, created on light sensitive professional photographic paper using a finely balanced red, green & blue light source. Mounted on dibond and aluminum metal frame.

Number of Editions: 3