12-15 April 2013. Victoria House, London.

INN London is a project aiming to bring diverse cultural experiences of major world capitals to London. Each event is dedicated to a specific capital and bring unique tastes, sounds, images of the city to London. The project focuses on rising international destinations like Russia, China, Brazil and India.

Between April 12-15, INN London hosted Istanbul and transformed Victoria House into a small replica of this vibrant city. Kurye Video and Grid Istanbul took part in this event to give Londoners a sense of the digital art scene in Istanbul. The booths showcased works by Onur Senturk, Ozan Turkkan, Candas Sisman and NOHlab.

Candas Sisman’s installation featuring Gorkem Sen’s music entitled “---” and Ozan Turkkan’s RESURRECTION: Fractal Continuum series exhibited at the Grid Istanbul booth. The Kurye Video booth supported by Epson presented a screening program that comprises works by not only Candas Sisman and Ozan Turkkan, but also Onur Senturk, who won the Vimeo Award with his work “Triangle” and D&AD award with the Opening Titles he created for David Fincher’s “The Girl with Dragon Tattoo”. The creative agency NOHlab founded by Candas Sisman and Deniz Kader also was part of the screening with their media façade design called Colloid.

The team behind Kurye Video and Grid Istanbul also made screenings followed by Q&A sessions, where they answered questions about digital arts scene in Istanbul.

Ozan Turkkan © 2013