Vienna-based new media artist Ozan Turkkan works at the intersection of art, science and technology. His work is centred on experimental digital media, focusing on generative and algorithmic art, fractal geometry, mixed reality experiences, interaction, and motion as a reflection of the impermanent nature of existence, and human and social behaviour. He uses technology as a canvas to create innovative and engaging digital art installations.

He likes to explore the many-folded boundaries between science, art, and new technologies and combine different media elements in a creative process. Before the first steps in digital media, he studied and practised various art disciplines in Philadelphia, Salamanca, and Barcelona, collaborating with numerous institutions and art centres. After he graduated from The University of Salamanca, he received his Master’s degree in Multimedia at BAU (Escola Superior de Disseny, Universitat Central de Catalunya) in Barcelona, where he lived and worked for many years as a new media artist.

His work has been exhibited in Art Centers, Museums, and Galleries such as; Santa Monica Art Centre Barcelona, Reina Sofia Museum Madrid, Centre of Contemporary Art Luigi Pecci Florence, Torrance Museum Los Angeles, Victoria House London, Lincoln Center NY, Banannefabrik Luxembourg, Europalia Art Festival Brussels, Les Brigittines Contemporary Arts Centre Brussels, Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade, Santral Istanbul, Akbank Art Centre Istanbul, Gallery Mitte Barcelona, LOOP Videoart Festival Barcelona, Rotterdamse Schowbourg Rotterdam, WUK Vienna, Ars Electronica…

Living in numerous cities throughout his life Ozan Turkkan has developed a sense of multiculturalism and cosmopolitanism which characterised his works. Complicated structures, conflicting and coexisting colours, and diversity have been a parameter to push the artist to stress a complex field that is converging around the art, new technologies, and the sciences of nature.



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