AV Installation

Video Installation “Bridges”, was created based on the iconic images of St.Petersburg bridges, using the collected archive from the Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library, and the data extracted from the internet. Collected drawings, architectural plans and images scanned, analysed and deconstructed searching for subtle fractal forms in them and finally reconstructing using Creative Coding and AI (Artificial intelligence) tools.

Bridges is one of the most transformative engineering marvels of all time. From San Francisco, New York, Venezia, St. Petersburg, Gibraltar, and Istanbul, bridges are a powerful creator of connection and possibility. Bridges connect people, communities, and economies, creating opportunities out of impossibilities. But a bridge is more than just spans of pavement across a chasm, a bridge as a metaphor is about connecting through communication, bringing people together on an issue or idea, and helping us get to a destination.

Curated by: Daria Kravchuk

Photography: Egor Slizyak