Fractal Dimensions

Generative Art Works

A number that quantitatively describes how an object fills its space. In Euclidean, or Plane geometry, objects are solid and continuous. That is, they have no holes or gaps. As such, they have integer-dimensions. Fractals are rough and often discontinuous, like a waffle ball, and so have fractional, or fractal dimensions.

Fractal Dimensions” is a series of Generative Digital Artworks on Fractal Geometry, which is developed by using mostly generative grammer programming languages and computer tools executing varies of algorithms to analyze different Fractal Dimensions and generate moving and still images. The exhibition consists of 23 digital prints and a video installation.

3-22 December 2011. IAP, Istanbul Art Platform, Istanbul. Nakiye Elgün Sok. Divan Palas Apt. No: 52 D:5 Şişli, Istanbul. www.istanbulartplatform.com

Gallery Mitte, Barcelona. Calle Bailén 86, Barcelona, Spain. / Opening 02.11.2011. www.mitte-barcelona.com