Interactive Installation

Based on studies of geometry and quantum physics on black holes and wormholes in space, Well is designed as a tunnel that presents the possibility of travel to another time and another space. Wormholes are considered to be a massive gravitational brain that operates the Quantic Space-Time with gravitational waves. Well replaces the wormhole. Installed in the middle of a space-like dark room by employing the peristaltic convoluted movements of worms, Well serves as a bridge between other universes and our presumed realities, and it creates the possibility for the viewer to interact with other realities.

Interacting with the structure that is seeable through light waves, and feelable through the vibrations of sound waves, Well Installation focuses on gravitational waves that contemporary science fails to measure, but theorizes as the matter/information, communication/operation web that holds everything together.

Curation: Ebru Yetişkin

Project page: www.waves-waves.com