AV Installation

Apsu” is a video installation created and produced as a part of the solo exhibition and the research project “Arura” focusing on Transitional Forms, Biodiversity and the fractal geometric structure of the biological forms in nature and the variability of the geometry over time.

The driving force behind “Apsu” is the ceaseless motion of water, an elemental force and universal symbol of life. Inspired by the profound significance of water in Sumerian and Akkadian mythology, “Apsu” explores the symbolic depths of this vital element, its spiritual resonance, and its role as the binding force that connects all living beings.

In ancient Mesopotamian cosmology, “Apsu” represents the divine, life-giving fresh water that springs forth from underground aquifers. It carries not only the physical essence of life but also a religious quality, symbolizing the sacred connection between the earthly and the divine. This installation seeks to evoke the spiritual essence embedded in the flowing currents, inviting viewers to contemplate the profound significance of water in the context of mythology and the human experience.

The video unfolds in a seamless loop, symbolizing the eternal cycle of life, death, and rebirth—a cycle mirrored in the perpetual movement of water. The installation is a meditation on the transience of existence and the enduring power of water as a life-affirming force.

Supported by Österreichisches Kulturforum Istanbul       



Artwork by Ozan Turkkan

Produced by Ozan Turkkan Studio

Software Programming: Ozan Turkkan
Exhibition Production: ArtOn Gallery Istanbul, Sergen Tertemiz Production


AV installation. 4 X 65″ 4K Ultra HD Screens. Creative Coding. Processing.


Izmir Resim Heykel Müzesi Tarih ve Sanat Galerisi, Turkiye, 28 Oct – 28 Nov 2023

Türkiye İnnovation Week, Haliç Congress Center, İstanbul, 23-25 Nov, 2023

Solo Exhibition, ArtON Gallery, Istanbul, 25 Oct – 10 Dec 2022

Solo Exhibition, Zifergauz Digital Arts Centre, Saint Petersburg,  10 Aug – 30 Sept 2022