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“FLORA” is a multi-layered digital archive research project that focuses on Transitional Forms, Biodiversity, and the fractal geometric structure of biological forms in nature.

Ozan Turkkan’s new media practices, which have been ongoing for over 15 years, focus on the fractal geometric structure of nature and the generative system it uses to create itself. Historical archives are a significant part of his research and creative process, as they represent a collective memory. Ozan considers his practice to play a vital role in connecting the old type of archive to the digital archive.

During the last years, he conducted one major digital archive project “ARURA” as a multi-layered digital archive research project “Flora and Fauna” focusing on Transitional Forms, Biodiversity, and the fractal geometric structure of biological forms in nature and the variability of this geometry over time.

As the second phase of this digital archive research project, he is extending his research focusing on “Flora”, its biodiversity, and transitional forms we find hundreds of years in botany archives. Conducting a similar process to Phase 01; “Flora” archives were examined, using Creative Coding and Artificial Intelligence tools images were recreated to be used in final artworks and form a new kind of digital archive.

As we witness the open source enabling the digital art age we acknowledge the enormous value of the community and its collective work in the creative process. As a part of this society, the artist feels the responsibility and devotion to the values of equality and social fairness.

This project appreciates and respects all the open-source material and creative tools that were built collectively by the artists, engineers, and programmers, researchers, scientists over many years.

Open-source Digital Archive will be available online soon.



Supported by:



Artwork by Ozan Turkkan

Produced by Ozan Turkkan Studio & NODE Media Lab

Software Programming: Ozan Turkkan
Exhibition Production: NODE Media Lab
Exhibition Design: Burcu Ozturkler, Ozan Turkkan

Supported by:

Ministry of the Arts, Culture, the Civil Service and Sport, Austria (Bundesminister für Kunst, Kultur, öffentlichen Dienst und Sport)

Die Bildrecht (Österreichische Urheberrechtsgesellschaft für Bildende Kunst, Architektur, Fotografie, Grafik, Illustration, Design, Choreografie und Performance.


AV Installation. Digital Prints. Creative Coding. Processing.  Artificial Intelligence.


Project Presentation/Exhibition, NODE Media Lab, Vienna Art Week, Open Studio Days, 10-17 Nov 2023, Vienna.

Artist Talk, Open Studio Days, Vienna Art Week, 5 pm. 12 Nov 2023

“Flora y Fauna”, Video Installation, Solo Exhibition, Levels Gallery, Berlin, 6-14 Apr 2024

“Flora y Fauna”, Solo Exhibition Special Music Event, by Flowers 15, Julia Obst+Friends and PATCHWERK by Tum Ásh Listening Party, Levels Gallery Berlin, April 13th 2024, 6-9 pm.

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