Common Stage: Border

Data Abstraction / AV Installation

Part of a ongoing project “Common Stage”, Video Installation “Common Stage: Border”, is a data abstraction created using Public Mobiality Data Flow of the city of Vienna.

Cities also have a memory. Artists transform the components of this memory into perception by giving it a shape. In this exhibition, curated by Mehmet Kahraman, the artist Ozan Türkkan is creating a series of data abstractions, in which he will derive connections, variables and transformations of the data flow of a collective memory (archive), which is permanently produced by individuals into the public space. Public mobility data will be used to create visualizations. Such as; Public Bus Flows, Subways, Trams, Urban Bike Mobility and also Analysis of Pedestrian Flow in Public Spaces.

With these visualizations we would feel the pulse of urban mobility and create portraits of a city in a artistic way defined by its transient dynamics.

Common Stage is a 3 part project which will include; 1. Vienna, 2. Istanbul, 3. Berlin.


The quality of a city’s public spaces has a decisive influence on its feel-good factor. The public space provides impetus for many of the city’s essential functions – for mobility, commerce and culture, not to mention leisure and recreation.
Vienna is a already a model city with regard to public spaces and mobility: in 2015, 73% of people in Vienna used environmentally friends traffic modes (footpaths, bicycle paths and public transport) and a mere 27% relied on their own cars. And Growing Through More Sustainability, More Open Mindedness and Participation.
First exhibition consist of three data sculptures / visual installations which will be created by using Public Mobility Data of the City of Vienna.