Fractal Body #03

Video Installation

The concept of the work, which is the third of the formless series, is based on the concept of “L’informe” written by French theoretician Georges Bataille, and build as part of the research on nature’s fractal structure and the digital reconstruction of its geometry.

The main concept “Formless” is borrowed from the concept “L’informe”, written about by French theorist Georges Bataille. “Formless” represents a metaphor that could describe today’s world and contemporary art. Although the production of the works of art is dominated by digital technologies, the attention is focused more on the experience/perception than on the form/representation because, as Bataille pointed out long ago, art is manifested as a reflex for “overcoming boundaries”. Observation of the “real” in the digital world is a strategy for reexamining the boundaries condensed in the “fluid reality” full of possibilities but also traps.

The “Formless” project emerges as the product of his research on fractal geometry, the algorithm of nature and its reflections on human consciousness. The reflection of the transient nature of existence and the transformation of the universal being from one form to another as material and consciousness is embodied in Turkkan’s works.